It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.
— Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Storytelling: Our Collective Responsibility

The Collective is a narrative boutique that fosters the exploration of personal storytelling through our workshop and gift shop. We believe each of us has a duty to record certain moments in our journey as a way of lighting the darkness for generations to come. Our workshop participants and gift recipients embark on empowering storytelling journeys and often achieve improved writing skills, the preservation of heirloom-quality memories, and a sense of closure with the past which opens more opportunities for mindfulness in the present. We encourage the exploration of personal narratives though various creative writing forms including letters, journals, poetry, memoir, essay, lyrics, and vignettes. The use of multi-media/digital storytelling is also encouraged through the integration of photography, audio and video.

We look forward to sharing a moment in your journey and helping you light the way for others!

Personal Narratives: Our Legacy

Have you ever been so engaged in someone’s story that you lost track of who you were in that moment and actually became a bystander in that story? It happens all the time — great films do this; great books do this; great storytellers do this. They allow us to walk in their stories. But we don’t have to be exceptional storytellers in order to capture our stories and share them in ways that transport others into the moments we’ve lived. We just have to be brave enough to believe what we have to share has value.


The end.

When we silence our stories, we isolate ourselves. A life of secrets and solitude can be deliciously appealing at times. Yet, it’s one thing to live within secrets and solitude, and quite another to die inside them.

There is not a more effective way to erase oneself from existence than to silence one’s stories.


Let’s start from the beginning.

Everyone has stories and you’re the only one who can share yours. We document our lives. We might not want every memory, but we can curate the memories we want to keep and choose which ones we wish to share. Our stories are what connect us and help guide one another.

Sharing our stories is like contributing to the fabric of the human experience — it’s not only our birthright to do so, it’s our collective responsibility.

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