Workshop Facilitators FAQ

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Q: I’m not sure my workshop concept falls in line with the “narrative” theme. Will it be considered if I submit it?

A: Yes! You’d be surprised how a narrative can be extracted from most anything. If you think you have something valuable to offer others and would enjoy facilitating the process, we want to hear from you!

Q: Is it okay to promote my business, services, and/or products through the workshop?

A: Gaining exposure and new customers/clients from the workshop process is one of our goals for facilitators. We want you to be successful in what you love to do! As long as the “what-why-how” of your efforts complement the workshop, please go right ahead and promote yourself!

Q: I already offer workshops, but would like to supplement booking through The Collective. Is that possible?

A: Absolutely. The Collective can promote and book your workshop(s) as per your specifications. Please fill out the inquiry form and note in the comments section that you’re currently hosting workshops.

Q: Will anyone from The Collective be present at my workshop and available to assist?

A: In most cases, yes. Until you become a seasoned facilitator or otherwise don’t require additional assistance, someone will be available to help with your workshop.

Q: What is the compensation structure?

A: The Collective compensates facilitators based on the number of attendees and workshop hours. Additionally, there is a different compensation structure for facilitators depending on space needs (some facilitators host workshops in a space of their own, and others need space to be provided). Facilitators will make often make $30-$40 or more per workshop hour (plus space compensation if applicable). The bare minimum a facilitator will make is $25 per workshop hour. Once you initiate the facilitation process and The Collective finds your concept to be a good fit, you’ll receive more detailed information and a compensation contract.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for workshops?

A: The Collective will cancel a workshop in advance if registration minimums are not met by a specified deadline. Increment weather and emergencies happen and may constitute grounds for last-minute cancellation. More detailed information about cancellation will be provided if you become a partner facilitator.