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The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Upcoming Writing and Storytelling Workshops

Workshops: An Excuse to Get Started on What You Need to Get Done

What if a workshop could help you get started on the things that matter most to you? What if that workshop could help you do those things efficiently and effectively? We know the feeling of accomplishment is invaluable and it’s our goal to help you succeed in doing the things you need to get done.

Creating written and visual accounts of who we are — our perspectives, insights, and dreams — and logging our personal histories is something most of us say we’ll get to some day, but actually getting organized and accomplishing this feat is easily procrastinated. The Collective’s Narrative Boutique offers writing and storytelling workshops that can help you take that leap from thinking about it — to doing it. Get organized. Get inspired. Dare to build your past into your most cherished heirloom.

Personal Narratives: Why Write?

Improve writing skills, confidence and creativity. Organize and share memories and old photographs. Tell your stories! Take a storytelling workshop through The Collective’s Narrative Boutique and transform your memories, experiences, beliefs, values, and perspectives into a tangible record of who you are.

Twelve Reasons to Write and Share Personal Narratives

  • Develop your storytelling skills and voice as a writer.

  • Everyone has a story and you’re the only one who can write yours.

  • You can create another version of yourself!

  • Use writing to gain a better understanding of yourself and the life events that have made you who you are.

  • Use writing to gain insight into past experiences, and possibly even heal from them completely!

  • Storytelling helps organize the past and give it shape so you can be more engaged in the present.

  • Storytelling helps form connections with others who could benefit from your human experience and wisdom.

  • We learn from what we do. If you write, you improve writing skills and gain more confidence as a writer.

  • Storytelling leaves a legacy.

  • Storytelling preserves memories.

  • Through writing and storytelling, you can share your perspectives, experiences, and your unique life journey.

  • Through storytelling, you can share secrets, family dynamics and histories, and deeply personal experiences that might otherwise be lost.